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Having worked as an optometrist for over 20 years Tim has built up a strong sense of what he thinks an opticians should be like. Along with his wife Louise, Tim has taken all these experiences and used them to create the ethos and environment that we have created here at OP & TOM.

You’ll find the whole experience welcoming, fun but also highly professional. We love helping people choose their glasses and nothing makes us happier than when they find their perfect pair.

We allow 45 minutes for every eye test which allows us to perform an extremely thorough examination and gives you plenty of time to ask any questions you may have. 

As well as running his own business, Tim loves keeping fit and likes to think he was a half decent football player in his younger days!!



The undisputed inspiration behind the look and feel of OP & TOM, Louise, likes nothing more than up-cycling and sourcing out quirky furniture to create a welcoming and interesting space. 

Louise is hugely passionate about eye wear and loves unearthing hidden gems from the fashion shows of Paris and Milan.

She is also a very experienced optometrist and will take great care of your eyes on your visit to OP & TOM. Originally from Ireland she has now been in Newcastle for over 18 years which just about qualifies her for Geordie status! Louise is also pretty handy on the football field and arguably a better player than Tim...

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