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At OP & TOM it's fair to say we love glasses and we hope you do to – This is why each and every one of our frames are hand picked by us to ensure quality, style and affordability. We source our frames from the big trade shows around Europe such as Silmo Paris and Mido Milan.

We believe in eyewear for the individual which is why you will find a fresh and eclectic range of different styles. Our frames are often a little quirky making them both original and memorable. We take our inspiration from current trends as well as appreciating the classic styles of decades gone by. We offer a relaxed approach to choosing eye-wear and are passionate about finding the perfect pair for you.

nina mur_edited.jpg
BAM MUSGO COMBO -1  - Folc Eyewear_edited_edited.jpg
FOLC 2022 - IVY & MOEBI.jpg

Some styles we carry in store....

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