Covid - 19 provisions during Tier 4 classification

Here are the changes we have made to keep everyone safe in the Covid-19 world we now find ourselves in. We pride ourselves on our customer service experience and we hope the new changes may in fact make the whole experience even better.

  • The only staff present will be Tim and/or Louise (both Optometrists, from the same household and fully vaccinated against Covid-19).

  • We now allow 1hour and 15 minutes for every appointment

  • We are seeing all patients on an appointment only basis whether they need an eye exam or just want to choose new eyewear.

  • As we are only allowing one person/household choosing eyewear at any one time, this means during your appointment Op & Tom will be reserved exclusively for you.

  • Between every appointment there will be a strict sanitation process to ensure the shop is safe for the next patient.

  • We will be wearing the appropriate PPE clothing and doing certain tasks at distance to provide a safe environment for everyone.

Above all safety is paramount but we are very much planning on keeping the same relaxed and friendly vibe in the shop to allow the same enjoyable experience. 

Tim and Louise